M-150: Cheer up

As a market leader, M-150 wants to strengthen brand preference as “a brand that cheers up for Thais” and remain no.1 TOM brand among all working-class laborers. With highly competitive market & aggressive activities towards this target audience, how can we break through the clutter to meaningfully connect with them with our inspiring brand message in the right time and right way?

Under this insight, M-150 invents the new campaign under ‘Cheer up’ theme idea and conveys the inspiring message through music platform for invent the new song ‘นักผจญเมือง’ featuring with 4 big super stars to deliver message, sport sponsorship, and impact by developing news scoop before the fighting to enhance awareness and lead all Thais to cheer ‘Srisaket’. to raise the ‘Cheer up’ together mood.


Reach On M-150 Cup’s content thru Khobsanam facebook
Views Targets continued to search the song on YouTube
sales growth continues to be no.1 market leader Top of Mind Brand Awareness*
*Brand Health Tracking score by Nielsen